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Heating & Cooling 

Space heater furnace

Gas furnace repair & replacement

A high-functioning furnace is vital to keeping your friends and family warm in the winter. If yours is on the way out, it’s time to call JD. No matter what the furnace type, brand or efficiency rating, our technicians can remove your old unit, help you select the new one and then professionally install it.

Heat pump repair & replacement

Looking for a more efficient way to heat/cool your home? Many homeowners and businesses are choosing to switch or utilize heat pumps as backups to provide efficient, eco-friendly heating/cooling alternatives! Let JD's friendly staff help you explore some of the most cost effective options.

Heat Pump repair and replacement
Cleaning the Filters

Air conditioner repair & replacement

Time to replace your air conditioner? Research your options. Don't just buy the first AC unit quoted to you. Efficiency, size, and type all factor into your home's comfort. Let JD Heating & Cooling help you through the buying and installation process.

Ductwork systems

Doing a little remodeling or adding a new room? Ductwork is an important step. Ineffective setup can lead to defective AC efficiency, and that means higher electricity bills. New construction requires skilled and effective HVAC professionals to ensure total home coverage and effective returns on your investments. Let JD Heating & Cooling help guide you along the way.

ductwork system Image by Sigmund
Commercial rooftop units repair & replacement

Commercial rooftop units repair & replacement

No job is too big for our qualified service professionals to handle. We maintain and service all major brands. Don't let your customers or business suffer due to improper HVAC system installs.

Duct zoning systems

Stop wasting energy by heating/cooling unused parts of your home. Zoned HVAC systems allow you to customize which room is temperature controlled by opening and closing dampers to redirect air to the right parts of your home.

duct zoning system Image by Sigmund
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