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Air Quality & Additional Services

humid winder with plants condensation Image by Eilis Garvey

Humidity services

Damp musty basements a problem? Allergies bothering you? Air that's too humid can promote mold growth and contribute to these symptoms. Is your skin too dry in the winter? JD Heating & Cooling can assess the ideal humidity levels for your home and restore comfort.

Indoor air quality product(s)

Indoor air is something we all take for granted. Is your air quality the best it can be? Let JD Heating & Cooling ensure that your humidity and ventilation are maximized while your chemical/biological contaminants are minimized.

indoor air quality products Image by Lucas Hoang
smart wifi thermostat installation Image by Dan LeFebvre

Wifi thermostats

Have a dated or lacking thermostat? Did you know that the simple wall thermostat we all take for granted is actually the entire brain to your HVAC system? Smart Thermostats not only control the heat/air but also can play a major role in the monthly heating/cooling costs for your home/business.

Hot water tank

Hot water tank service & installation

Are you noticing your hot water running out too quickly? Is there an odor when you take a hot shower? Many factors contribute to a hot water heater's breakdown. Failure of a hot water heater at the wrong time means no washing, showering and laundry! We offer emergency and prioritized service to all necessary repairs and/or replacements.

Hot water tank service & installation
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